This Disconcerting Video Will Show You How Close You Live To A Nuke

11.29.16 1 year ago 2 Comments

In news that will surely provide some sleeping difficulties, the educational YouTube series RealLifeLore found there are approximately 15,600 nuclear weapons across the world, and some (most?) are closer than you realize. Most nukes are located in the northern hemisphere, so for those south of the equator, there’s nothing to worry about.

On a global scale, there are nukes littered throughout Europe, with some located in Venice, London, Milan, Brussels and Rotterdam, which are all in the vicinity of 50 miles of a bomb. With how large Russia is, it may be hard to discern where all of their reported 7,300 weapons are. An interesting tidbit the video brings up is that the United States is the only country that stores weapons in other countries, so it may be wise for the Commander-in-Chief not to rattle these countries’ leaders.

As for the U.S., it conceals its arsenal across 10 states, with some being stored 18 miles from Seattle and a launch silo sitting 77 miles outside of Denver. This may not surprise, for superpowers around the world are stockpiling their weapons, but the magnitude to which they are manufacturing them can be a bit alarming. But in the most frightening moment, the video elaborates on how U.S. and Russia have lost more than 50 weapons. Imagine that — 50 bombs are scattered across the two countries, and the most high-ranking officials can only shrug to their whereabouts. Not very comforting in the slightest.

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