NYILFF's 'Must-Have Movie Cliches' Campaign Makes Film Snobbery Bearable

Actively distinguishing the difference between “movies” and “films” usually garners a dismissive wank from me but the New York International Latino Film Festival has done so in such a clever manner to promote this year’s festival (August 15-21) that I’m not experiencing the desire to punch faces that I normally do when the subject arises.
They’ve created these fun, internet-friendly  graphics outlining the top cliches in “movies” (not films, obvs) and a few additional ones comparing the difference between movies and films (heh, heh, there’s a pee joke). I find myself nodding in agreement to all of them, but still prefer my “I hate everyone who pays to see that” approach to movie/film snobbery.
NYILFF Via Buzzfeed, BuzzBrewery, and Ads of the World