Obama Jokes That He Could Totally Win A Third Election If He Felt Like It

President Obama Speaks At Reception Celebrating African Growth and Opportunity Act
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President Barack Obama is scaring the crap out of his political opponents today after he joked that if he was allowed to run for president for a third term, he’d probably win. Obviously, he can’t, and he’s not trying to, but it’s a pretty funny display of our president enjoying the fact that he’s done trying to please people. Why not freak them out by playing on their worst, most absurd fears?

The remarks were made during Obama’s trip across Africa, and the “third term” statement was immediately preceded by a statement that leaders should respect the law and step aside when their time in office is up. And it’s highly unlikely that he’d be making jokes like that if he was going to run again. But, as the Daily Dot points out, the tinfoil hat-conspiracy types don’t think this is a joke at all, and “conspiracy theories have long persisted about Obama declaring martial law and running for a Constitutionally-restricted third term as president.”

Personally, it seems like Obama is done caring what people like that think of him, and is looking forward to wrapping this presidency up the way he wants. In the meantime, he’s gonna let loose and make all the jokes he wants. Especially the ones that bug his opponents.

Here is video of the joke:

(via the Daily Dot)