Obese Dachshund Gets Tummy Tuck, Loses 40 Pounds, Has Already Beaten You At New Year’s Resolutions

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Growing up, my great-grandparents had dachshunds. The one who lived the longest, Petty, was fat. And, if you’ve ever seen a fat dachshund, it’s kind of hilarious. It’s like someone took a blimp and gave it tiny legs and also it’s a dog.

But, not all fat dachshunds are hilarious, what with how it’s dangerous for a little dog to be that heavy. And it’s not like a dog can just go get a membership at Fitness Formula — I mean, they can’t even sign the paperwork.

But that didn’t stop Dennis. Dennis, who weighed in at 56 pounds — which would be totally fine for an Australian Shepherd, not so much for a tiny little wiener dog — has lost more than 40 pounds and is now a trim 12-13 pounds. He also got a doggy tummy tuck to get rid of all his excess skin.

This was Dennis at 29 pounds in 2013.

WSYX_dennis_dachshund_2_jt_150102_4x3_992 (1)

ABC News

And this is Dennis today looking fab, the canine version of a post-surgery Al Roker.


Dennis’s former owner had been feeding him human food and lots of treats, something a lot of us are probably guilty of. It’s OK to love your puppyfriend, but love them with cuddles, not food.

And now with his new fierce form, Dennis can even go up and down the stairs, which he couldn’t before, which is the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. And now I feel bad for years of laughing at how adorably pudgy Petty was. I’M SORRY, PETTY. In another life, I’ll get you a tiny treadmill.

So, to those with New Year’s resolutions of a fitter you, if Dennis can, you can.

Source: ABC News

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