Oh Hey, Comics Alliance Is Back!

We here at GammaSquad are big fans of Comics Alliance (a fact you may already be aware of based on how often we use them as a source). For years they were pretty much the place to go if wanted your writing-about-comics to be more than just press release and preview page dumps. Unfortunately around a month ago Comics Alliance was unceremoniously shut down, because, well, they were owned by AOL and not understanding what people on the Internet like in 2013 is what AOL is all about.

But wait! The story doesn’t end there! Comics Alliance has risen again! Comics Alliance (and the also-shuttered AOL Music) has been purchased by Townsquare Media. This purchase includes all staff contracts, so basically things are resuming as if the whole “Comics Alliance shuts down” thing was just a dream or imaginary story.

Hit the jump for a comic, which runs down the whole situation in more detail…

Good to have you guys back so I can get back to doing this more often…

via Comics Alliance