A Lego ‘Doctor Who’ Set Is Coming To A Store Shelf And Living Room Floor Near You

Obviously, most major toy companies pay attention to community chatter in an effort to know which products they should send to market, but few are as inclusive with that process as LEGO is with LEGO Ideas. Through that program, LEGO allows amateur LEGO artists to create a set, pursue 10,000 supporters, and eventually put that set in a position to be reviewed by LEGO and possibly made into a set.

This year, Lego selected a Wall-E set (which was designed by Angus MacLane) and also, a Doctor Who set (which was designed by Andrew Clark) that will come to market before the end of the year thanks to a deal with the BBC that was announced today. Sadly, no firm details accompanied that announcement and the above image is from the fan-made proposal and not an official endorsement of those specific characters — though, there’s an image at the bottom that is from the press release featuring LEGO Peter Capaldi — but in that it’s LEGO and in that it’s Doctor Who, the prospects are sort of endless and amazing. And maybe not just in the realm of LEGO sets.

This is purely fan-wishing on my part, but LEGO has a strong track record of teaming up with the brands that they license to pump out LEGO video games, as has been seen with Lord of the Rings, Marvel, and DC. Is it possible that we might one day see a LEGODoctor Who game? Again, there is nothing at all that signals that this is coming down the pike, but with Doctor Who‘s un-great video game legacy, the whimsical tone of the LEGO games, and the vast array of characters and interesting villains in the Doctor Who catalog, it could be a sublime pairing if it ever came to be.

As for the next batch of LEGO Ideas contestants, they include a Goonies 30th Anniversary Set, the Flying Dutchman, a Lord of the Rings castle, a piano, and more. Boy that piano’s got the inside track, huh?

(Source: YouTube via Bleeding Cool)