Olivia Wilde’s Top 10 Contributions To GIF Culture

Ever since Emma Stone GIF contributions I’ve been waiting for inspiration to strike with another candidate worthy of such an honor. So as I was perusing this week’s opening in theaters listings and realizing what a bag of farts the new releases are and reciting “YAY FOOTBALL” over and over again in my brain I was reminded that UPROXX fave Olivia Wilde is in that movie about a time-traveling book (?) and — BAM! — there it struck.

Ms. Wilde is simply put, GIFtactular. One of the few lovely ladies out there that should be considered in the ranks of Emma Stone and her majesty Alison Brie. With that in mind and thinking about much freon I’d have to huff to see The Words the second weekend in September this seemed like a nice little Friday tribute. Enjoy.

Sources: Tumblr, Tons of GIFs

O.C. Olivia Wilde, oh what a long strange trip it’s been.

Reaction GIF 101 is what this is.

Olivia totally thinks starting Adrian Peterson in your fantasy league will work out for you.

Guaranteed day-brightener.

That moment you realize a girl in the scene is also thinking “MAKE OUT.”

Clear cut “Who Can Act Harder?” winner.

Interpret this how you like.

Knew it.

Absolute slam dunk #1.  And pretty much the only reason to put this together. You’re welcome.