This One-Eyed Surfing Cat Just Became Hawaii’s Biggest Instagram Celebrity

Step aside, uh, other one-eyed cats of the internet, because this orange and white one-eyed cat named Kuli is taking the world by storm. Rescued off the mean streets of Honolulu as a malnourished little kitten, Kuli’s owners realized that he didn’t mind the water when he was tolerant of being bathed, and soon after discovered that Kuli also loves swimming and surfing in the blue ocean of Hawaii. I have no idea how you go from “Hey, my cat doesn’t hate the water” to arrive at “My cat loves surfing!” — do you just throw the cat into the ocean and see what happens? — but ever since, Kuli has become a legit surfing machine.

Adorable Kuli has his own Instagram account where you can follow his kitty surfing adventures. Cowabunga, dude!

(Via Laughing Squid)