Opie & Anthony Co-Host Anthony Cumia Has Been Fired From SiriusXM

Yesterday we told you about Opie & Anthony host going on a bit of a tirade on Twitter after an incident that happened in Times Square. The lesson that you’d think most celebrities would’ve learned by now is that you don’t say insane things in a public forum and not expect repercussions. Those repercussions? Anthony Cumia getting fired by SiriusXM. From The Wrap:

“SiriusXM has terminated its relationship with Anthony Cumia of the Opie & Anthony channel,” Patrick Reilly, senior vice president, Communications, SiriusXM told TheWrap. ”The decision was made, and Cumia informed, late Thursday, July 3 after careful consideration of his racially-charged and hate-filled remarks on social media.”

Reilly concluded: “Those remarks and postings are abhorrent to SiriusXM, and his behavior is wholly inconsistent with what SiriusXM represents.”

How did Anthony Cumia react to the news?

I’m guessing this is the part where most people will get the specifics of the First Amendment wrong.

Like that. Sure, you CAN say stupid stuff, but that doesn’t prevent your employer for wanting to protect themselves after a rant that associates their brand with your rant.

(Via The Wrap)