Original Nintendo Movie Adaptations We Wish Had Been Made

If only these games had been invented when I was young I could have done so much less than the little I did. Oh well, no matter how much I wish I could exchange my time picking blisters off my feet from street hockey for picking blisters off my thumbs after endless hours of playing The Shining on the old NES (there’d be a racing level riding a big wheel!) it was not meant to be.
Fortunately for us the good folks at VGJunk mocked up some NES start screens for some of the best 80s and early 90s movies that were never adapted to game form. Keep clicking to see our favorites.

Think of it as an 8-bit version of Resident Evil.
Don’t be surprised if you get a brain tumor immediately after playing this game.
In my mind the gameplay for this would be just like Castlevania but with a sepia color scheme.
I like to imagine that in this game you’d play B video games while Joel, Crow and Tom Servo make fun of everything.
In this game Natalie Portman would look like Mario before he got a mushroom. If this game was played through Jack’s point of view it would be especially awesome in the later levels.It’s hard to imagine Pinhead’s nails rendering well in 8-bit. Milk-plus would be a perfect power up.This would have been the original NES’s most morally ambiguous game.Just think of how good Huey Lewis and the News would sound in chiptune!