‘Pacific Rim’ Fans Can Pilot A Jaeger At Comic-Con, Thanks To The Oculus Rift

07.24.14 5 years ago 5 Comments

The Oculus Rift is almost certainly doomed to obscurity, but it won’t go before performing a vital service for humanity. Namely, giving us the ability to pilot a Jaeger from Pacific Rim.

Partially to plug the upcoming sequel and its varying tie-ins, partially because Guillermo Del Toro is all over Comic-Con anyway, and partially because it’s cool, Legendary has set up a VR system that lets you pilot a Jaeger. Using the ILM assets, you jump into — What else? — Gipsy Danger and try to punch Knifehead to death. Fortunately there’s no “drift” you have to deal with, so you won’t be in the mind of the fat guy in the Jem t-shirt next to you. At least we hope not.

Our main question is pretty simple, though: When is this being released to the general public? Come on, guys, adapt this to Sony’s headset, maybe add one or two more fights, and you’ll probably move enough copies to pay for the next five Pacific Rim movies.

It would also be the only way the general public buys an Oculus Rift. “I heard it makes you barf.” “Yeah, but it comes with a game where you punch giant monsters in the neck.” “…I’ll take five.” That’s a mutually beneficial relationship, right there.

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