Honest Trailers Tackles ‘Awesome Dumb Robot Movie’ (AKA ‘Pacific Rim’)

Pacific Rim was a big, crazy ball of inner-child pleasing radness that I should have loved, and yet I didn’t really enjoy it that much. I wasn’t the only one left wanting based on box office receipts. Maybe it was because the movie lacked personality or the fight scenes were too muddled — or maybe it was because the movie was just really friggin’ dumb.

The Honest Trailer folks are definitely going with the really friggin’ dumb theory…

Another thing not mentioned — the fact that the main protagonist and his jerky rival looked and sounded exactly the same. How does that happen?

Well anyways, Pacific Rim managed to avoid total disaster status by making a ton of cash in China, so look forward a sequel in which Rinko Kikuchi mysteriously disappears and is replaced by a Chinese actress. Also, it will turn out Kaiju are weak against communism-based attacks.

via Tastefully Offensive