Panasonic Kills The Jungle

Last October we wrote about the Panasonic Jungle, a portable gaming system which (it was rumored) didn’t do well during market testing.  Despite setting up a new U.S. subsidiary, Panasonic Cloud Entertainment (PCENT), to handle the development and release of the Jungle, Panasonic is pulling the plug on the whole thing:

“Panasonic decided to suspend further development due to changes in the market and in our own strategic direction,” the company said in a statement. [Reuters via Engadget]

We’re assuming “changes in the market” is code for, “Holy crap, the Sony NGP and Nintendo 3DS are going to kill us in market share”.  Also, “PCENT”?  Pee scent?  For real?  Now that they’ve abandoned the Jungle, “PCENT” can become what it was meant to be: the new rap moniker for R. Kelly.