‘Passenger Shaming’ Should Be The Official Facebook Page Of Travelers Everywhere

Flying blows. Sure, I agree with Louis CK’s entire assessment of how much of a miracle it is that we can fly through the air like birds, but everything that comes along with sitting on a passenger plane and rubbing elbows with strangers is just the worst. The majority of people simply don’t give a crap about how comfortable other people are when they’re flying, because short of shopping on the days before or after major holidays, it’s the most selfish and miserable situation in the world. It’s every man for himself in those giant metal planes, so unless you’ve mastered the art of sleeping through anything or you’re a more fortunate soul who travels in first or business class whenever you fly, you’ve undoubtedly looked at someone on your flight before and thought, “What the F is that A-hole’s problem?”

Since January of 2013, the fine folks behind Passenger Shaming have been collecting the worst photos taken by people who have asked that very same question, so we can all look at them together and laugh at the unbelievable nerve of the mannerless twats sitting next to us on flights. Thanks to some high profile coverage this week, the likes for Passenger Shaming’s Facebook page are out of control, as 31,124 (and counting) people are currently subscribed, up more than 3,000 from this morning. And now, people are posting their own from airports all over the world, but not everyone thinks this page is all in good fun.

Damn it, Carol. Why do you always have to try to ruin the fun? Counterpoint: Any man who takes his shirt off on an airplane deserves to be mocked. That said, here are some of my personal favorites from this incredible collection. Don’t worry, I’m not including the disgusting bathroom images. Especially this one.

Keep your phones charged, and happy flying, friends.