Patrick Stewart Is Fostering A Pit Bull And Their Friendship Is Already One For The Ages

Patrick Stewart and his wife, singer and songwriter Sunny Ozell, welcomed a foster pit bull named “Ginger” into their home earlier this week, as you can see in the above video of their first meeting with the temporary new addition to their family, who gave her foster dad a “very nice” albeit slobbery greeting. “Thanks to ASPCA and Wags and Walks, Sunny Ozell and I are finally fostering our 1st pitbull! Meet Ginger. I’m in LOVE,” Stewart captioned the video, adding the hashtags #AdoptDontShop, #pitbullsofinstagram, and #pitbulls.

Obviously Stewart and his wife must have very busy and hectic schedules, which makes it difficult to take care of a pet long-term, but… does anyone else feel like Ginger might end up becoming a “failed foster?” Allow me to direct your eyes to the second video Stewart posted, in which Ginger excitedly gives him even more sloppy kisses, this time poolside.

Although he admits that it was “the swimming lesson that wasn’t,” Stewart writes that their “foster pibble Ginger is perfect afternoon company.” It’s okay guys, there’s nothing wrong with admitting defeat. Sometimes you pick a pet and sometimes a pet picks you, and it looks like Ginger has clearly found her “furever home.” Make it so!

UPDATE: “Dogs on the furniture will be punished!!!!!” OMG you guys are keeping her already just admit it.