Patrick Stewart Will Be Playing Professor X Again

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09.27.12 5 Comments

After X-Men: The Last Stand proved Brett Ratner shouldn’t be trusted with sharp objects, forget major franchises, Fox decided to go in the exact opposite direction and put out a prequel. And since that prequel was so well received, we now have a prequel sequel.

The good news is that X-Men: Days of Future Past will not be attempting a total wet wipe of the movies that snapped the Marvel curse.

In fact, according to none other that Patrick Stewart, we’ll be seeing a full cast reunion of the X-Men. Or at least His Baldness back in the wheelchair for a cameo.

According to Newsarama, Stewart pretty much all but announced the movie:

He proceeded to enthusiastically run down the list of his female co-stars: “Halle Berry! Famke Janssen! Rebecca Stamos! Anna Paquin!” The crowd roared back with delight, opting not to point out his mistake regarding Rebecca Romijn’s current last name. He continued, saying “yes, I’ll be reprising…” only to be cut off by his son Daniel, who proceeded to throw out the names of his father’s male co-stars, Hugh Jackman and Sir Ian McKellen.

I would have killed for a “It’s too late, I’ve seen everything” joke, there.

Anyway, it sounds like Stewart is convinced he’ll be coming back for at least a moment as Xavier fairly soon. Frankly, considering most of the cast (with the exception of Stewart, really) isn’t exactly burning the world down these days, it seems like Fox could get them for a day of shooting fairly cheap.

Then again, this is Fox, so they’ve probably asked Stewart’s agent, and they’ll make him the competitive offer of a sandwich and an “Introducing” credit.

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