Watch Patton Oswalt And Billy Eichner Slam Pixar And Do An Impossible Shakira-Themed Quiz

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04.29.14 10 Comments

Patton Oswalt was championing Billy Eichner long before most of us had even heard of the shout-y street sprinter, so it’s only appropriate that Billy gave him a chance to get quizzed in the face in absurd Billy on the Street fashion.

After singing the praises of Ratatouille and emphatically dumping on everything else Pixar has ever done — somewhat validated by Patton’s giggles of non-refutal — Billy unveils the ludicrous premise for Patton’s quiz: “Does Shakira Know What This Is?” That’s right, Billy names an object or concept and Patton has to guess whether Shakira knows what it is. This is heavy stuff.

Billy on the Street

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