Patton Oswalt Was Playfully Heckled By James Woods During His Writers Guild Awards Monologue

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Patton Oswalt hosted the 2017 Writers Guild Awards on Sunday night, and his opening monologue focused on — what else — Donald Trump, since the orange president is an omnipresent force in all of our lives right now. “Welcome to the last ever WGA Awards, ladies and gentlemen,” Oswalt joked. “Every statuette comes with a month’s worth of firewood, some antibiotics, and nine shotgun shells. We celebrate the end of the written word this evening, we will also be saying goodbye to the apostrophe in the word ‘you’re.’ That is apparently gone forever.”

After a few words about the nominations themselves, Oswalt circled back around and told the audience that everyone is very angry about two things right now: that Deadpool is nominated for best screenplay and that Trump is president. Although, he continued, “And Donald Trump, I want to be very careful making jokes about, one, because I don’t want to be kicked to death by James Woods backstage — which would be an honor, by the way, that guy is amazing.”

The notorious Hollywood conservative just happened to be seated in the front row and at that point, Woods actually shimmied his way up on stage and stole Patton’s dang shoe right off of his foot. Of course, it was all in good fun as Woods joked that he lost half of his Twitter following just by attending the awards show, and Oswalt later even got a laugh out of the Videodrome actor with a bit comparing Trump’s presidency to David Lee Roth getting hired as the head of linguistics at Rutger’s University.

Maybe we’ll all find a way to get along, just yet!

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