Patton Oswalt Got Into The King Of All Twitter Fights Over #CancelColbert

Patton Oswalt and Salon go together like Constable Bob and Yolo. Last July, Oswalt got into a fight with the “progressive news website” (haha) over a joke he made about Asiana Flight 214, and now, like old lovers who spend their days plotting the other’s demise, they’re back at it again, feudin’ and fussin’ over #CancelColbert. It’s pretty much got everything you’d want in an online argument: references to The King of Queens. That’s it. All Twitter fights should mention The King of Queens.

Anyway, in this corner, you have Oswalt. In that corner, writer Mary Beth Williams.

Soon, other famous funny people and celebrities got involved:

And then Patton went after Gawker:

Patton, you’re cool with GIFs, right? I’m…scared. UPROXX LOVES YOU.

Via @pattonoswalt