Paul Cornell And Alan Davis To Make Wolverine Funny

Well, this is interesting. Marvel Now! is on a long, rolling load-out, which means more teasers. Out of all of them, though, this hint for what’s coming in February is fairly eye-catching, not least for the talent involved.

Paul Cornell is probably best known recently for his work in DC, but he’s a prolific television writer for the BBC and other British networks, and has written a lot of comics as well. Most recently, he’s been handling Demon Knights and Stormwatch, both books he’s finishing up his stints on for, apparently, this.

It’s an interesting choice not least because Cornell is relatively whimsical compared to other writers assigned to everybody’s favorite runty Canadian. He’s done a lot of work surrounding Doctor Who and wrote a fan-beloved guide to the series called The Discontinuity Guide. And since he’s worked for Marvel before, they know his style and want him on the series.

Alan Davis, on the other hand, has drawn pretty much everything you can think of in the Big Two, although he’s largely worked for Marvel. You may not know the name, but you definitely know his work; he’s been regularly working in the industry since the early ’80s. He’s also known for having a sense of humor. For example, this is his lead webpage image:

It’s true that both are more than capable of being very serious, but it’s a curious pairing nonetheless for Wolvie. True, it may actually be X-23 or Daken, but either way, Davis and Cornell are probably about to get some more attention.