Paul McCartney’s ‘Destiny’ Theme Song Gets The Video It So Richly Deserves

Paul McCartney is undeniably a talented musician… but he’s also undeniably a lover of cheese and that can lead to some terrible things. Ask anybody who sat through Give My Regards To Broad Street, which you can easily do online if you hate yourself. One of those terrible things is the closing credits song for Destiny, which, to this point, has not had an official video.

Now it does. And it lives down to the song’s potential.

First of all, Sir Paul is a hologram projected by the Dinklebot, wildly gesticulating as some player characters look reverently at him:

Cut in some footage of the game’s ships flying across its admittedly beautiful levels, and that’s it. That’s the video. You paid for that with your hard-earned money, be proud!

Granted, there’s not much to work with here. Destiny‘s closing song is basically a greeting card with orchestral backing. Still, it’s not like this game doesn’t lend itself to cheesy pop songs; actually, fans have been making music videos for awhile and some of them are pretty good, or at least better edited, than this. Keep in mind, Activision spent vastly more marketing this game than actually developing it, so if anybody should have a fancy music video with custom graphics and his own character model, it’s the freaking former Beatle they probably paid a few million dollars to show up.

So, to summarize: McCartney likely got paid more money than you will ever see in your lifetime to wave his hands around for fifteen minutes while lip-syncing. That’s where your $60 went, and it just hardens my resolve that Destiny is the worst game of the year.