Paul Ryan Didn’t Read This Guy’s T-Shirt Before Posing For A Photo And Got Trolled Into Oblivion

Never, ever underestimate the trolling power of a t-shirt. House Speaker Paul Ryan did so, and this photo was the result. A Twitter user who lives by the @Minnysconsin handle happened to encounter Ryan at the Kiwanis Pancake Festival (you can see a video of the lawmaker flipping the cakes here) and seized opportunity. What made this photo better than any other Paul Ryan photo was this fella’s strategic (and downright uproarious) t-shirt.

In the spirit of resisting the “Repeal and Replace” GOP Healthcare bill that scored victory in the House on Friday, this guy was sporting a “Repeal and Go F*ck Yourself” shirt. The garment hails from the Pod Save America podcast crew (which is, not coincidentally, selling like hotcakes), and the wearer posed as proudly as Paul Ryan did. And of course, Ryan never bothered to read this guy’s shirt, which is both hilarious and sad.

Naturally, the podcast’s hosts — Jon Favreau (not the filmmaker), Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor — were thrilled to see the image and tweeted their admiration for a troll job well done. And it’s no wonder they appreciated the plug, for this guy continued the effort that was sparked by the Democrats’ chanting after the vote went down.

Yes, they retweeted the photo … because why the hell not.