Meet Pedals, A Bear That Walks On Two Legs Like He’s People

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10.03.15 2 Comments

If there was ever a reason to feel bad that you don’t live in Oak Ridge, New Jersey, it’s this: the town’s got a bear who walks on two legs, shuffling along from garbage can to garbage can like a real-life Yogi Bear in search of a picnic. He’s even got a name—Pedals—and he’s been chilling in town for over a year now.

According to Gothamist, which points out that ‘Joisey’ is actually home to many celebrity bears, Pedals walks on his back legs due to injuries and a missing paw. That’s sad but he’s also not a bear who gives up, and he’ll hopefully get some help before he goes into hibernation for the winter. Locals refer to him as “the neighborhood miracle”, and while they probably wouldn’t want Pedals all up in their kitchens stealing their honey, they’re also proud that he’s learned to walk so well. And probably just a little jealous. I can barely get up and take a shower most days, and here’s a bear who’s learned to walk better than I do. It’s both inspiring and somewhat embarrassing. Unless, that’s actually a human in a bear costume…then we’re all totally fine.

Compare the video above to this one, taken over the summer, and marvel at how awesome this bear is doing. And then maybe go for a jog or something. Or, you know, just spend the rest of your Saturday being happy for Pedals. Either works, no judgment.

(Via Gothamist)

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