Internet Sensation Pedals, The Bi-Pedal Bear, Was Reportedly Killed By New Jersey Hunters

Pedals the bear, who has enraptured New Jersey residents over the last few years by walking upright much like a human (possibly due to an injured front paw), has reportedly been killed by hunters during New Jersey’s 5-day hunting season. The beloved bear was feared dead after New Jersey’s division of Fish and Wildlife confirmed an injured bear was brought in to be weighed by a hunter earlier this week.

After various reports, Lisa Rose-Rublack, who recently raised $20,000 to get Pedals to a sanctuary, made the sad announcement confirming the news on Pedals’ Facebook page:

Sadly, this comes just days after many animal rights activists were working to get him in a sanctuary for the winter:

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Now, after hearing of his death, the internet is collectively up in arms:

The hunters, meanwhile, have been mocking those mourning the bear’s possible death. reported:

“I’m sitting here in tears over Petals death,” a poster who calls himself Haskell_Hunter wrote on the NJ Woods and Water website. “Tears from laughing at all those comments. This is why I left Facebook never to go back. It’s group think at its worst.”

“Most antis are complete idiots, so this shouldn’t be news.”

But Pedals supporters have taken the high road:

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(Via The New York Times)