These Pennsylvania Residents Have Never Been As Upset About Anything As Much As Dunkin Donuts Burning Down

Shamokin is a small town in Pennsylvania that Brandon Wenerd over at BroBible — who happened upon this story — points out, is in the “dead center of the middle of nowhere.” So while you or I may not fully appreciate the importance of a Dunkin Donuts in our lives, local residents have been nothing short of devastated ever since a 13-year-old girl set fire to their beloved coffee and donuts chain last Saturday.

Central Pennsylvania’s WNEP 16 News spoke to several locals after the fire, which caused extensive damage, closed the restaurant indefinitely. And once you start hearing from these people, it becomes clear that this was not just a Dunkin Donuts, but a way of life:

“I go there every day. I get a chicken bacon croissant. I get coffee or a powerade if I’m dehydrated. I sit there all the time. If I have any legal work that I need to do I go there, I meet with my attorneys there,” Dutch Smith said.

“Now I have to rely on myself to maybe go to a Turkey Hill or something where I don’t like their doughnuts. I’d rather the doughnuts at Dunkin Donuts. I’m kind of dealing with it, but I really miss Dunkin Donuts,” Alba Wehr said.

“I’m gonna miss that place if it don’t open up. A lot of my friends go in there and get that cold coffee, iced coffee I guess it’s called,” Edna Faust said.

WHERE WILL THE PEOPLE GET THEIR COLD COFFEE NOW?? And where will those with undisclosed legal issues go to meet with their lawyers? In a law office, like some sort of common criminal? (I cannot urge you to watch the above video strongly enough.)

(Via WNEP via BroBible)

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