People Are Already Lining Up For Thanksgiving Day Sales

Stores are opening earlier than ever for Thanksgiving shopping this year, with retailers like Best Buy, JC Penney and Toys “R” Us opening as early as 5 p.m. in some states; others like Target, Walmart, Sears and Macy’s opening at 6 p.m., and Kmart grossly opening its doors at 6 a.m. and staying open for forty-two hours straight.

I think for the most part the attitude about Thanksgiving/Black Friday sales is changing, as many of you noted in the comments when we posted the news about Kmart’s 6 a.m. opening last week. But even with the younger generation’s preference of shopping online and general backlash, there are still enough people out there willing to sacrifice their holidays to save a few bucks that still makes it worth it for retailers to open early.

Or in the case of two Beaumont, California women who have been lined up outside of a Best Buy since last Wednesday — people who are willing to sacrifice weeks out of their lives to save a few bucks. The StarTribune reports:

Vicky Torres said she’s willing to camp outside the Best Buy entrance for what will be three weeks so she can get a deal on a new television.

Torres and friend Juanita Salas, relying on folding chairs, sleeping bags and pillows for comfort, give each other breaks from time to time to allow the other to grab a bite to eat and take a shower.

Reaction from others passing by has varied to what has become an annual event for Torres and Salas. “The employees like me,” Torres said. As for the customers, she added, “Some say that’s dedication, and others say that’s stupid.”

Well, I’m not even going to say which camp I fall into, but that seems like a lot of effort to buy a television that’s going to be out of date in five years, anyway. Plus, that’s an entire three weeks of their lives. Just think about all the things they’re missing out on. That’s like fifteen episodes of The Price is Right they’ll miss, just to get to watch The Price is Right on a slightly better TV.