This Performance Of ‘Peter Pan’ Redefines The Meaning Of ‘Happily Ever After’

More than 4,300 people were in the audience at Glasgow’s SSE Hydro Arena on Saturday night for Peter Pan: The Never Ending Story, but what they’d end up witnessing probably blew the tights off of any past performances of the play. During the show’s final song, “You Raise Me Up,” Sandor Stürbl, the actor playing the titular boy who never grows up, broke character to ask a very important question to his girlfriend, Lilly Jane Young, who is the actress that just so happened to be playing Wendy.

What happened next probably broke the world record for references to a real-life fairy tale ending.

Holy. Crap. That reaction. I think I speak for guys all over the world when I say to Sandor… thanks a lot, you big, adorable, romantic jerk.

(H/T to BuzzFeed)