PETA Is Angry That Fictional Villains In A Board Game Wear Fur

In the war of the future, will you side with space Vikings, orcs, corrupted psychic elves, or bio-engineered swarms of pure hatred? This is a crucial question to fans of Warhammer 40,000, which is set in the year 40,000 (Spoiler alert: Things do not go well in the intervening years), and is more or less the inspiration for, or directly cribbed from, every last piece of van art and heavy metal album cover you have ever seen in your life. The role-playing and war-strategy game is not something even its own fanbase takes entirely seriously, but they enjoy the complicated math and absurd setting. PETA, however, is not in on the joke.

PETA UK is furious that Games Workshop is not happy some characters are depicted wearing fur. To be fair, they have an argument in the sense that the fur trade is real and terrible, but at the same time, they are complaining that people in flying chariots fighting demons are wearing pelts. To be clear, Games Workshop has no involvement in the fur industry. Their products are made of metal and plastic. PETA is objecting to the idea of fictional people wearing fur, even if those fictional people probably hunted and killed fictional animals themselves and ate every part of them to survive. Yes, including the butt. This is not a cheerful future.

You know, because there is absolutely nothing else that PETA might care to get worked up over. Nothing whatsoever. Maybe our planet really does deserve getting blown to hell by orcs.

(via io9)