PETA Is Offering A $15,000 Reward For Anyone Who Can Identify The Grand Canyon Squirrel Kicker

By now you’ve probably witnessed or tried very hard to ignore one of the worst viral videos that you’ll see this year, as it features a shirtless a-hole in a cowboy hat kicking a poor squirrel over a ledge at the Grand Canyon. While several different videos of the incident were uploaded to YouTube and other sites showing this jackass luring the squirrel to the edge with breadcrumbs before punting it (presumably) to its death, most have been deleted because they violent YouTube’s oh-so-serious terms of use. Unfortunately for the bro in question, his vague face has been seen on news reports across the country and now PETA has stepped in to offer up some cash with the hopes of getting someone to identify this guy.

After all, if the Internet’s good for anything, it’s discovering the identity of people who do f*cked up things and bringing them to justice. According to AZ Central, PETA is offering as much as $15,000 in reward money for “information leading to the arrest and conviction” of this guy. And while we don’t know much about this man other than he has no soul, I’m willing to bet that a guy who kills squirrels has plenty of friends who would flip on him in a heartbeat for a few grand, let alone $15,000.

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