This Special Moment Donald Trump Had With His Debate Chair Inspired A Hilarious Photoshop Battle

Sunday night’s second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump brought out plenty of awkward, and often very uncomfortable, and sometimes hilarious viral moments, such as Trump bringing up Bill Clinton in response to his own remarks about women, threatening to actually jail his opponent should he win, and introducing us to the American hero Ken Bone, respectively. But perhaps nothing was as off-putting as Trump’s menacing posturing throughout the debate, as he alternated between pacing around on the stage to lurk behind Clinton, scowling, as she spoke, to standing behind his chair grimacing.

It was one such of the latter moments of Trump ostensibly sighing — or perhaps gasping — in what appears to be some sort of seriously intense moment he’s having with his debate chair, which was caught by Reddit, where it inspired a truly presidential Photoshop Battle. Unfortunately no one thought to Photoshop over his infuriatingly unbuttoned suit jacket, which hung open all evening to expose his red tie that hung out like a damn tongue, to quote David Letterman.

At any rate, the results were still pretty entertaining, starting out first and foremost with this “surprising display of bi-partisanship”:

When you see it…

Also, obligatory:

Head over to Reddit for plenty more NSFW contributions that we can’t post here!