Piers Morgan Claims That He’s Not The Pigeon Lady From ‘Home Alone 2,’ Despite Evidence To The Contrary

Earlier today, we were treated to the best that England has to offer, in the form of an adorable and recently vaccinated old man. Now here’s the weirdest (and arguably the worst): Piers Morgan was forced to clarify that despite rumors to the contrary, he is not the pigeon lady from Home Alone 2: Lost in the City.

The Good Morning Britain presenter was put on the spot by his co-host Susanna Reid, who said, “Can we just have a look at Home Alone 2? Because, frankly, it is the best picture. Lots of people watch Home Alone 2 and wonder if this is you.” Cut to a side-by-side photo of Morgan next to the pigeon lady, played by Academy Award winner Brenda Fricker, who befriends Kevin in the Home Alone sequel. “Why does this keep coming around?” Morgan responded. “That is not me. I am not the bag lady in Home Alone 2.”

He’s technically not wrong, because he’s the pigeon man. I mean…

Even Piers’ son Spencer sees the resemblance.

You’d think Morgan would be thrilled to be in Home Alone 2 with his “friend” Donald Trump (who bullied his way into the film), but I guess he still hasn’t gotten over the president unfollowing him on Twitter. And he never will.

(Via the Independent)