Morning Wake-Up Call: Ping Pong Ball Explosion And A Cat Singing Star Wars

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We couldn’t decide which funny morning pick-me-up to show you to help kick off this exciting* Thursday morning, so you’re getting both. Check out the videos below to see a ping pong ball explosion and a cat singing music from Star Wars. The cat isn’t quite as on key as Collective Soul cat, but we believe he makes up for it with excellent costume design.

As for the first video, you’ll probably want to turn down the volume after the 2:30 mark or so, as that’s when the magic science happens. Roy Lowry used liquid nitrogen, warm water, a plastic bottle, and 1500 ping pong balls to teach his students about, um, stuff and things. Who cares about being educational when you can blow stuff up and have Plymouth University in the UK foot the bill?

[Roy Lowry] poured liquified gas into a plastic bottle and closed it. This is a bad idea, Lowry warns the students in the video, because as the liquid turns into gas it will increase the pressure of the bottle. Then he put the bottle in a tank with warm water — which is supposed to make the liquid turn into gas — and filled the tank with 1,500 ping pong balls. [Mashable]


[Hat tip to Mashable and Vulture.]

* It is an incredibly slow news cycle, to be honest.

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