Pittsburgh’s Famous Primanti Bros. Is Going Nationwide With A New Sandwich Delivery Service

If you’ve ever been to the Pittsburgh area, someone has probably told you to go eat at Primanti Bros. for one of their iconic sandwiches. I’ve been and it’s a pretty damn good sandwich, even if it is a little messy. Here’s what you get directly from the official site:

It’s an edible Pittsburgh institution. You can get it with salami. Or with turkey. Or roast beef. Or even with no meat at all. But it’s not a Primanti Bros. signature sandwich without a generous serving of crunchy, tart coleslaw and crisp French Fries piled high on top of soft Italian bread. It all makes your hands look very, very small and your taste buds wonder why you’re taking so long between bites.

Up until now, you had to travel to one of their many locations to try out the sandwich. And while they’ve spread outside of lovely Pittsburgh to peddle their sandwich legend, they’ve always kept it pretty close by. Until now. From KDKA:

Beginning Thursday the sandwich chain has teamed up with gourmet food delivery company Goldbely to deliver the Pittsburgh icon sandwich nationwide for the first time ever.

That’s right, you can now order your own care package to build an East Coast icon right in the comforts of your own home. No more worries about having to scrub the filth of Pittsburgh out of your pores or fending off genocidal terrorist maniacs who blow up bridges, you can just stay home.

But what comes with your delivery? How does it actually reach your doorstep?

A limited number of sandwich packs are now being sold online.

Each Primanti’s party pack includes all you need for 4 Primanti Bros. sandwiches:

1 loaf of freshly baked Italian bread
Choice of Primanti’s fresh cut Pastrami or Capicola
Provolone cheese
Handcut french fries
Primanti’s cole slaw
Red Devil hot sauce
Two tomatoes
Primanti’s limited edition t-shirt (via)

Seems like a pretty sweet deal, right? Don’t go running to make an order so quickly, at least not unless you’re ready to spend $109 on some food. That’s a load of groceries for some people and certainly enough to make your own signature sandwich before this box even arrives.

It’s a damn good sandwich though. I do have to point some blame for the Double Down at Primanti Bros., but the taste makes up for it. Pile my food to the ceiling!

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(Via Primanti Bros./ KDKA)