A Plane Was Forced To Land Mid-Flight After A Woman Discovered Her Husband Was Cheating On Her

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If you’re going to cheat on your partner, try to do it in a way where you’re not going to be called out on an international flight and have said plane be forced to land in the fallout. It’s just inconvenient for everyone involved.

A Qatar Airways flight was from Doha to Bali, Indonesia required a mid-flight landing after a passenger discovered their spouse was cheating on them. According to The Hindustan Times, a woman on the flight was investigating her sleeping husband’s phone (using his thumb impression) and found evidence of infidelity. Understandably, she was not the least bit happy with this. The response was intense enough that the flight was forced to make a stop Chennai, India to deal with an “unruly passenger.” The husband, wife and their child were removed from the plane.

“The family was de-boarded due to the ruckus created by her but no FIR was registered as there was no security issue,” an official told Times of India. “They stayed in Chennai for a while and later the family was sent to Kuala Lumpur by Batik Air flight 6019 for further travel to Doha.”

Please keep all of this in mind if you’re trying to get slick in a relationship and have a flight in your future.

(Via The Hindustan Times & The Guardian)