The Saga Of The Playboy Mansion Continues As The Property Is Now Back On The Market

Playboy's 2016 Playmate Of The Year Announcement At The Playboy Mansion
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Earlier this year, the Playboy Mansion was listed for a staggering $200 million on the real-estate market. This wasn’t exactly the best deal in the world, considering that the 1927 estate is not in the greatest condition these days. Not to mention the catch that Hugh Hefner was part of the deal, meaning that the new owner would be required to let the 90-year-old live out the rest of his days in the manse.

Within six months, the estate incredibly had a buyer: Hef’s 33-year-old neighbor, billionaire Daren Metropoulos. He offered just over $100,000 for the Los Angeles mansion after having purchased the property next door for $18 million in 2009. And even more incredibly, Metropoulos — a big architecture buff — planned to restore the integrity of the Playboy Mansion, after many real-estate insiders thought it had tear-down value at best.

As of Thursday night, however, the deal reportedly fell through and the property will go back on the market on Monday morning. And the reason why unfortunately boiled down to the aforementioned living arrangement:

The sticking point … according to the deal, Hefner had the right to live out his life in the mansion before Metropoulos could do his thing … restoring it and adding onto the structure. We’re told Metropoulos wanted a significant amount of access during Hef’s remaining years … and Playboy felt he was being unreasonable.

We know it must come as a huge surprise that the man who dedicated his life to debauchery and orgies with beautiful women wanted to have his cake and eat it too, but it seems that’s the case. The sad part is that if the mansion doesn’t find a new owner before Hef kicks the bucket, the new owner will likely bulldoze the property, destroying Hefner’s legacy.

(Via TMZ)