A ‘Playboy’ Model Has Come Under Fire For Body-Shaming A Nude Woman At Her Gym

Dani Mathers is a 29-year-old Playboy model and 2015 “Playmate Of The Year” who angered fans by posting the above photo on Snapchat of a woman who appears to have just come out of the shower at her gym, LA Fitness in Universal City, and captioned it “If I can’t unsee this, then you can’t either.” I know, the nerve of this woman, for not having a model’s figure and using what she assumed to be the private facilities of her gym! How is she even allowed to walk around with normal people and not sent to some kind of camp for those with slight physical imperfections?

Mathers — who has 553,00 followers on Instagram, more than one million on Facebook, and 75,000 on Twitter — quickly deleted the image, which she claimed in a follow-up Snapchat had been “part of a personal conversation with a girlfriend” and accidentally uploaded. Likewise, she issued a lengthy apology on Twitter for her insensitive actions.

Unfortunately for her, the damage had already been done. Dozens, perhaps even hundreds, took to Twitter to call Mathers out for her body shaming and bullying.

I guess we can chalk this up up a “teachable” moment. It’s safe to say Mathers has definitely learned something about body shaming in all of this.

Update: Mathers may now be facing legal action as well as other repercussions over the nude photo incident.

(Via Daily Mail)