Check Out These Cute Pokémon Coffee Labels And Blends

Here’s something that combines two of your favorite things: Pokémon and coffee. The genius folks at have designed 13 coffee blends, with labels that feature a Pokémon character.

Flavors include Pikachu’s Morning Spark, which makes sense. As puts it: “We imagined Pikachu as a morning blend, thanks to his cheerful attitude and electric personality.” There’s also the ironic Koffing’s Ozone Roast (“The Ozone Roast, made in homage to the noxious ball of gas Pokémon Koffing (yum!), is best enjoyed by people who love their coffee slightly lighter than average, but still serious”) and Hoothoot’s Night Owl roast, which has this inadvertently depressing description: “You have nothing to wake up for in the morning – might as well enjoy a dark coffee and watch a movie late into the night.”

Who knows if these blends are actually good? No matter what, though, the gimmick is a smart one. The labels are simple, colorful catchy. I could definitely see some Portland hipsters buying these, at least for the novelty factor. And who wouldn’t want to see Pikachu’s positive, cheerful face first thing in the morning when they wake up? Actually, maybe I wouldn’t. Cheerful people before noon usually make me even grumpier than I normally am.