A Completely Frozen Chicago Looks Like Something Straight Out Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Right Now

Getty Image

The 2019 Polar Vortex continues to have an icy grip on most of the Midwest into Thursday, with temperatures not expected to warm up considerably until the weekend. At least eight deaths have been attributed to the record-breaking temperatures, and that number will likely only rise as the city begins to thaw out.

Governors in both Wisconsin and Michigan declared states of emergency, ordering all state government offices closed. Likewise, many schools and colleges canceled classes, and the United States Postal Service disrupted mail delivery on Wednesday in parts of at least 10 states out of concerns for the safety of employees.

Chicago, in particular, which saw lows of 50 degrees below zero on Wednesday, has been given the nickname “Chiberia” due in part because the plunging temperatures temporary rendered the city literally colder than Siberia and Antarctica. In fact, it got so cold in Chicago that it even caused Lake Michigan to completely freeze over, which people have been sharing in photos and videos on Twitter that look like something straight out of Game of Thrones.

It would be quite the marketing stunt on HBO’s part, one could argue, for the series that returns for its final season in April. You can almost picture White Walkers strolling around in some of the images, as one user pointed out.

Others are comparing the frozen landscape as resembling scenes from the 2004 film, The Day After Tomorrow:

We have indeed been warned, yet many stubbornly refuse to take climate change seriously, despite the fact that we’re clearly already experiencing its effects.