Police Say A Homeless Man Broke Into A Georgia Funeral Home And Had Sex With A Corpse

Homeless Man - Necrophilia - Funeral Home
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Police say 26-year-old homeless man Domonique Smith broke into the Hill Watson Peoples Funeral Home in Columbus, Georgia earlier this week in order to steal a bike.

But apparently Smith wanted more than just a ten-speed. Officials later found evidence suggesting that he had sex with a dead body.

“The investigation led us to believe he had a sexual act with the woman’s body,” Griswould said.

Griswould didn’t comment on the type of sexual act Smith allegedly performed on the body. The victim wasn’t identified, but her family has been informed of the charges and the ongoing investigation, Griswould said.

The crime is thought to have happened between 7 p.m. on Sunday (Feb. 8) and 7 a.m. on Monday (Feb. 9).

In addition to burglary, Smith could face an extra 1 to 10 years if convicted of the necrophilia charge.

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