The PornHub Inspired High School Prom Shirt Finally Happened

I didn’t even realize it was prom season because — much like Don Draper in Room 503 — I don’t let the high school girls I buy beer for talk about their personal lives, but just a bit ago a presumably teenage Redditor shared the above image (full below) adding, “So this is my school’s prom t-shirt…”

The Redditor in question hasn’t revealed where he attends high school, but he has answered several questions in the thread, and I have to say my well-honed FAKE detector isn’t sniffing bullsh*t yet. So I choose to believe this is an actual shirt made by an actual prom committee at an actual high school in the US of A.

Are there plenty of questions to be answered? Of course. The best theory thus far is that it made it this far because faculty members keep waiting for someone else to admit they get the reference. The important thing is that high school prom promotional tanktops parodying popular porn websites is what I want to be writing about on a Friday.

Wow. This person suddenly feels better about her prom:

Via Reddit