The Boobs Versus Butts Debate Has Finally Been Settled Thanks To The Folks At PornHub

Good news, America. You love that booty. At least you love it according to PornHub and their team of statisticians over at PornHub Insights. They teamed up with folks at YouPorn to give a detailed look at what body parts users tend to enjoy the most in their viewing habits:

It would seem that the butts have it in the United States. People just can’t seem to get enough of those with a little bit more rump, especially in the places with those higher populations. I can picture some old bastard out in Montana sitting on his porch, pining away for the days when boobs held sway.

Now things aren’t as definite once we swing out a little wider and take in the globe as a whole. Boobs do seem to have more land mass behind them, but butts are holding firm in those southern regions:

It would almost seem like that was me trying to be clever, but it actually wasn’t. That’s just how the map turned out:

At an initial glance, it seems as though boobs reign in the north in terms of preference, whereas butts are better-liked in the south. Interestingly, virtually all of Africa, with the exception of Egypt, prefers backside-themed smut which is also the case in South America, save for Argentina where boobs top out for more related searches.

When divided on a continental level, it becomes a clear matter of East and West. Chests are more lusted over in the East, with the exception of Africa where as posteriors are preferred in the West.

You take a look at the entire report over at the PornHub insights site, but only if you’re really curious about what states and countries are dying to watch feet and pregnant women on screen (West Virginia). It does leave me wondering where the female viewing stats are hiding. I mean ladies do watch porn, so you have to assume there’s a d*ck study out there somewhere. Something to tip the scales.

(Via PornHub Insights / Daily Dot)