The Internet Is Losing Its Mind After Learning About California’s Winning Powerball Ticket

Shutterstock / Universal Pictures

All that last minute waiting in line may have been worth it for someone. No sooner did the winning Powerball numbers for the mind-boggling $1.5 billion jackpot hit the airwaves, but a followup announcement soon arrived. The California lottery quickly tweeted that a winning ticket landed in their state.

One (unknown) lucky winner plucked up a ticket in Chino Hills, which happens to be the 6th highest income city in the United States. No joke. With a median household income of $97,065, it’s unlikely that anyone in Chino Hills suffered without winning the Powerball. Now someone in or around the city will know astronomical wealth after Wednesday night’s news. Isn’t that how it works? The rich getting richer and such.

A Twitter prophet immediately predicted doom and gloom beyond the usual lottery horror stories that have filled the internet’s ears.

Meanwhile, a local sales associate found a sudden taste of fame.

Other folks trucked out a new meme for the occasion. For some reason, the Iron Sheik got in on this action. He’s not impressed, but everyone else is overreacting.

Some folks weren’t pretty ticked off that someone who was already likely well off in Chino Hills became insanely wealthy. Them’s the breaks in life.