Somebody In Tennessee Won A $421 Million Jackpot On Sunday

11.27.16 1 year ago

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For the second time this year, a Powerball-jackpot winning ticket has surfaced in Tennessee, which makes this an extra-special Thanksgiving weekend for somebody. People have been known to drop their entire life savings on these gambles, and we may eventually hear the story of this mystery winner. However, Sunday morning saw the news come and go, and still, no victor has surfaced.

This giant jackpot of $420.9 million sounds like a dream come true, but it could also be a nightmare in the making. Not only has everyone heard horror stories of lottery winners who end up miserable and bankrupt in a matter of years, but there’s also a very real issue of security. The media frenzy around the lottery virtually guarantees no publicity will be had for a publicly emerging winner, who has 180 days to claim the massive prize. No wonder Tennessee Lottery officials sent out a statement to advise the mystery winner to sign his or her ticket and tuck it away in a secure location.

At some point, the winner will have to call the Nashville lottery headquarters, but hopefully, they’ll have found a trustworthy financial advisor by then. Not to mention a hefty security system.

Sunday’s winning ticket ranks at the 12th highest lottery ticket in U.S. history, along with the ninth largest Powerball claim. Not bad.

(Via USA Today & NBC News)

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