Some Devious Prankster Came Up With The Ultimate Troll Job Using Fake Parking Tickets

Asheville, North Carolina welcomed somewhere in the area of 20,000 visitors for this weekend’s SoCon basketball tournament, but at least one prankster made the festivities just a little bit more annoying with fake joke parking tickets. The tickets resembled the usual citations the city hands out, but with a few minor differences. Not only were the tickets slightly larger and for $100, not the $10 the city usually charges, but they also featured a QR code that took recipients to an all too familiar YouTube video when scanned.

Or possibly not that familiar, in the case of Asheville’s Transportation Director Ken Putnam, who was honestly just perplexed about the whole thing.

“It was kind of surprising to go to a link for a YouTube video, and then when I went it was featuring some rock star that I didn’t know who it was,” said Putnam.

More than a few people took the tickets to city hall to attempt to pay them, though one assumes they were likely more relieved than annoyed to be told the whole thing was a joke. Despite the headache to the city, if the prankster is caught, at worst they just face charges for littering as long as no one actually pays the ticket. But we have to assume they know the game if they’re gonna play it.

(Via ABC 13)

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