This Pregnant Plus-Size Model ‘Unapologetically’ Shares A Nude Selfie

Tess Holliday, according to Wikipedia, is 30-year-old plus-size model originally from Mississippi who describes herself as a “body positive activist.” In 2013 Holliday started an #effyourbeautystandards movement on Instagram, and was named by Vogue Italia as one of the top plus-size models in the world that same year.

Currently expecting her second child with fiancée Nick Holliday, Holliday took to Instagram earlier this week to share a nude selfie at 37 weeks pregnant. It’s a reminder to her critics that she will “continue to live unapologetically.”

Holliday recently told the Telegraph:

When I tell people I’m a model, they look at me like I’ve said I’ve murdered someone. Their jaw will drop and they will stare blankly at me. I can see the wheels turning, that they’re trying to work out if they’ve heard me correctly.

Holliday is just another reminder that — as we’re seeing more and more of today — beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. You just keep doing you, lady.

(Via Telegraph, US Weekly)