Presidential Candidate Deez Nuts Also Has A Plan For Illegal Immigration

It’s been a couple of weeks since we learned that independent presidential candidate, cleverly named Deez Nuts, is 15-year-old Brady Olson from Wallingford, Iowa, who was polling at 9 percent in the North Carolina presidential primary. Now we have video of the dark horse teenage politician, who has so far successfully exposed what a joke the political system is, explaining his platform in the above YouTube video.

On illegal immigration, his platform sounds similar to that of Donald Trump. Candidate Nuts also wants to deport all illegal immigrants, yet let minors stay, according to his website. Ever the articulate 15-year-old, Nuts says in the video: “That at least makes something–it makes it harder at least. Or at least reinforce the ones we already have.” It’s unclear if he’s talking about a wall, or existing deportation procedures, or something else.

Nuts also wants voting rights in the territories, and said that he decided to run in order to challenge the country’s two-party political system, citing Canada’s four-party political structure. As for whether Nuts will run for president when he’s actually old enough to occupy the oval office, as Article 2 of the Constitution states, he says: “Still undecided on that one, but the door is always open.”

(h/t Digg)