Genius Sneaks Phone And Marijuana Plant Into Prison Only To Blow It All By Posting Selfie To Facebook

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01.24.14 10 Comments


We have an early frontrunner for Dumbest Selife of 2014, courtesy of an overconfident convict inside a porous Austrian prison.

Dozy Marcin Zendarski managed to smuggle an illegal smartphone into his jail cell, which he used to talk to friends, watch videos, and browse the web. He was also able to sneak in cannabis seeds and secretly grow a healthy marijuana plant in his cell.

Those items should have been enough to keep Zendarski happy and comfortable during his stay at Garsten Jail (again: he had WEED and INTERNET ACCESS inside his prison cell), but he blew it all when he got cocky and tempted fate via selfie:

Proud of his green fingers, Zendarski took a selfie with his plant and posted it on Facebook to show friends he’d outsmarted the wardens.

Unfortunately for him, the photo began to circulate around the internet and was soon brought to the attention of prison officials, who called in extra officers to search the entire jail for mobile phones and any other illegal plants.

They found a multitude of illegal substances, plants, and smart phones – much to the dismay of the other prisoners.

Zendarski has since received threats from his fellow inmates, and is now under special watch.

Metro via Naked Security

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