Proctor & Gamble’s 2014 Sochi Olympics ‘Thank You, Mom’ Commercial Is Simply Beautiful

If you don’t, at the very least, get a little choked up or even the slightest bit misty for this Proctor & Gamble commercial for the 2014 Sochi Olympics, then you may need to declare yourself a cyborg by global robot law. The ad is part of P&G’s “Thank You, Mom” campaign for the upcoming Olympic games, and the theme is “Pick them back up,” as the company thanks the moms of so many athletes for “teaching us that falling only makes us stronger” and “giving us the encouragement to try again.”

Simply put, this commercial could probably even make Ron Swanson a little teary-eyed, thinking about his days of chugging moonshine and fashioning his first chair with the Tammy that he didn’t marry.