This Professional Banana Decorator Is Definitely Making More Than You Will

Don’t you dare peel that banana! That sugary yellow fruit great for carbs, potassium and making gross Dale Earnhardt, Jr. mayo sandwiches isn’t just for eating, it’s also a work of art capable of bringing in all the (banana) bread.

Meet Davonte Wilson. Rather than listening to his mom’s “don’t play with your food!” advice, Wilson did one better and became a “professional banana decorator” and is now on pace to bring in six-figures from drawing and sticking stuff on bananas.

Wilson’s mail-order business — Bananas Gone Wild — allows people who aren’t that great at gift-giving to customize and order a decorated banana for the low price of $9.99. Beards, glitter, googly eyes, and stickers are just some of the add-ons buyers can choose when ordering their “professionally decorated banana.” And the bananas are more popular than you think. Wilson says he makes as many as 75 bananas a day from his Plano, Texas, apartment, and projects his 2016 earnings to top $100,000.

So, just how the hell does one even get an idea to decorate bananas? Wilson says the idea came to him while training to be an EKG technician. Not sure what the correlation is but great ideas usually come from boredom. What’s even greater is Wilson used to get teased about his little hobby, telling a local NBC affiliate, “People would walk by my desk area and say, ‘What are you doing drawing on bananas?’ I kind of get made fun of.” Obviously, Wilson has the last laugh now.

The website’s FAQs section advises against eating the banana after it’s been shipped and delivered. As far as the pieces of art going bad? The website claims they plastic wrap the fruit which is slows down the oxidation process and prevents it from quickly rotting away.

(via Eater)