A ‘Project Runway’ Contestant Roasted Karlie Kloss With A ‘Dinner With The Kushners’ Line

For some people, getting voted off a reality television show is just the start of their journey in the public lens. That may be the case for Project Runway contestant Tyler Neasloney, who threw some serious shade at judge Karlie Kloss when one of his designs didn’t go over well. The resulting social media firestorm may keep the clip in the minds of reality TV fans forever.

The moment happened on Thursday night during the show’s fourth episode. Designers were given a challenge to design a look for Kloss to wear to a CFDA event in Paris using upcycled items purchased from Goodwill. But Neasloney, a 29-year-old from New Jersey, didn’t get high marks for his work. While getting criticism from judge

“I cannot see Karlie wearing it anywhere, honestly,” judge Brandon Maxwell said, critiquing the design. But he was interrupted by Tyler, who knew things were going poorly for him and got off this barb.

“Not even to dinner with the Kushners?” Neasloney asked.

The reaction at the judging was immediate, with Kloss immediately knowing it was not a compliment. The series of looks on her face say it all, as she’s married to Joshua Kushner, the brother of Jared Kushner. According to Decider, Tyler tried to walk the comment back after the commercial break, but it’s pretty obvious based on everyone’s reaction that he was looking to hurt her feelings.

There’s some important context here that many pointed out online: Kloss reportedly was banned from family gatherings by her significant other’s family for years. Which is probably why it went over as poorly as it did. You can see the reaction to other safe contestants on the show as well, who freaked the hell out.


Social media followed suit, as it was very clear the association with the Kushners was an attempt to throw some serious shade.

For the record, Kloss took the high road on Twitter, thanking Tyler for his time on the show without mentioning the burn heard round social media.

Because Neasloney’s biting line was a Phyrric victory of sorts: he was later voted off and Kloss got to get the last laugh. But the line will live in reality TV history forever now.